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Time & Labor Management Solutions

Pro iTime is the Time & Labor Management tool you’ve been looking for. We offer both Pro iTime Small Business Edition (SBE) and Pro iTime Enterprise Edition (EE). Pro iTime can be customized to fit your unique time and labor management needs. Managing your greatest asset – your workforce – with an effective Time & Labor Management solution is critical to maintaining a competitive edge.


Pro iTime makes tracking attendance and productivity easy with features such as the ability to collect timesheets from remote locations and mobile personnel, making sure timesheets have been approved by the appropriate managers. Pro iTime also offers notifications – like reminding employees to fill out timesheets. Managers can quickly identify exceptions, analyze data, and forecast overtime.

  • Easily expand or scale back functionality to address the unique needs of each administrator, manager, and employee
  • Configure labels and workflow to simplify usage and increase system acceptance
  • Customize pay rules for virtually any work environment
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Pro iTime offers a flexible time and labor solution with integrated scheduling tools. Providing adequate staff coverage at the appropriate times is essential in maintaining superior customer service levels. With Pro iTime creating schedules and defining shifts is simple.

  • Automatically assign employees based on skills, work preferences, or lowest cost
  • Quickly identify deviation from schedules and attendance problems through system alerts
  • Capture last minute changes to schedules and reassign employees based on availability
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Pro iTime makes maintaining and tracking benefit accruals easy. Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) enable employees to request Time Off while providing managers the tools they need to check available balances, estimate future entitlements, and see who else is scheduled out before approving a Time Off request.

  • Multiple formats allow managers to view historical data and future scheduled Time Off
  • An automated Time Off request tool sends notifications to managers for approval and display warnings such as a potential negative balance
  • Test benefit accrual rules before executing to avoid errors and minimize time spent adjusting balances
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Pro iTime allows you to customize your software settings to address shift premiums, restrict punches, determine rules for lunch and breaks, establish grace periods, and address other special pay. Both employees and managers have the ability to enter comments directly on a timesheet in order to keep historical records of communication. Automating this paper-intensive process can save countless hours better spend on other functions.

  • Company holidays and other pre-approved Time Off are automatically populated within the appropriate timesheets, simplifying the review, edit, and approval process.
  • Easily identify exceptions to schedules, overtime hours, missing punches, and more
  • Drill-down capabilities allow direct access to an individual’s timesheets for quick edits
  • System notifications and warnings support better decision-making and reduce errors
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Happy and motivated individuals make productive team players. By operating under a team approach, your organization can become more successful. A major factor in motivating employees is being able to acknowledge an individual for a job well done based on objective and quantifiable criteria. Pro iTime’s Point System can be arranged to assign either positive or negative points to employees base on attendance behavior. Through the use of an effective Point System, managers are able to objectively analyze attendance activities.

  • Allow managers to objectively track employee work behavior
  • Assign user-defined values based on specific occurrences
  • Proactively encourage good attendance through notifications